Membership Programme


Is your food business consistently building trust in your food standards, staff and sustainability?

In a constantly changing world, consumer trust is an increasing challenge.

I understand the challenges and am here to support you.

My membership programme can help you build a better business

Would you like to reduce your customer complaints, have a better relationship with clients, improve your food safety culture and have well trained and confident staff?

In over 20 years in the agri-food industry I have realised that people need supporting all the way through their careers. I invite consultants and specialists to the group meetings to get a better understanding of key challenges e.g. labour and food regulations.

Investing in business support has several benefits, including higher customer retention, lower complaints, increased quality and confident, trained staff. This in turn allows you to build resilience against future shocks to our food system.

Want to find out more about the Membership Programme and how it can help you?

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Why this membership is different

Traditional consultancy contracts involve a series of visits to manufacturing sites to carry out audits, write documents for systems and help with problems as they arise. The membership programme dedicates time each month for discussing key industry issues, sharing learnings and best practice and making plans to handle future shocks to the system.


Alone we go faster, together we go further..

Imagine what your business would look like if you spent the time to focus on continuous improvement, personal development of staff and could discuss shared learnings and best practice with your peers in other businesses.


Membership programme

Join my programme for small to medium food service businesses and food producers. The membership is for a 12 month period with monthly virtual meetings on topics relevant to the food industry. You will be in a group of food business owners and technical managers with whom you can share best practice with and learn from. 



Who is the membership programme for?

Small/medium businesses

Food manufacturers

Food service suppliers

Agents and brokers

Food storage and distribution businesses


New businesses

Established businesses

Technical/Operations Managers

Business owners

Why work with me?

Over the past 7 years I have been designing food safety systems and providing support to a range of small and medium food businesses.

Prior to consultancy I had a 16 year career in the fresh produce and chilled foods sector. I saw many crises come and go - the use of the supply chain for human trafficking, a range of food poisoning incidents and the unforgettable Horsegate.

The shocks to our food system and incidences affecting food safety are inevitable. 

Good communication internally and with peers, well trained staff and access to key industry information are all areas that I can happily  help you with.



Choose your membership payment plan

  • 3 places per business in the membership group
  • Monthly virtual meetings 
  • Access to a network of specification writers, nutrition labelling professionals, business coaches, leadership and development coaches and mentors. 

Membership costs £500.00 per year +VAT

or pay monthly £50.00 +VAT


Pay annually Pay monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Monthly virtual meetings in a peer group
  • Recommended free to access e-learning
  • Network of consultants specialising in legal labelling, specifications, business mentoring, leadership training


The first 30 days are free, if it's not for you just let us know and we'll cancel your membership.


Annual payment £500.00+VAT

Monthly payment £50.00+VAT


Yes, if you join as a monthly member and would like to switch to annual membership at any point, then we will make the transition for you. You will have a full year's membership from the date you make the switch.

The virtual meetings run live for an hour on the second Thursday of each month.

The subject matter will be available as a presentation document to read in your own time.

The peer-to-peer discussion will not be recorded.


If you would like additional meetings or consultancy, this will be charged separately.

Membership of the programme can be changed to suit your business needs.

Contact us to discuss what you would like.


Get in touch

We’d love to help you with your business needs, so if what you’re looking for isn’t mentioned above, contact us for an initial chat on 07720 700 297 or email. Or, fill out our simple contact form.


Why focus on training and mentoring?

Good leaders recognise the value of the people in their business. Having the right technical credentials is important, but soft skills such as communication, influencing and critical thinking are required to be successful in business. Alo Solutions can advise on the training or mentoring that your business needs.