At Alo Solutions, we believe in sharing knowledge rather than restricting it. That’s why we speak on food systems and nutrition and offer consultancy on food strategy and nutrition to growers, food manufacturers and service providers in the food industry. We build a community of food professionals to share best practice. Because together, we can go further.



What we do

We’re not your average food consultancy – with a background in food technology and human nutrition, our founder Barbara Bray offers end-to-end expertise on the full cycle of food production, with a focus on healthy ageing.

The clue is in our name – to be the solution for navigating sustainable production, and consumption of healthy diets.


What can Alo Solutions do for you?


Our founder Barbara Bray is an expert speaker and teacher. She can support your business in delivering workshops, speaking at your conference, or chairing sessions.




Barbara's combination of research skills and food industry experience is an ideal mix. She can carry out desktop research for businesses and write evidence based articles.



Being a success is more than producing great tasting food – we care about food safety, legality and integrity, too. Get in touch for support with your audit compliance programme



What people are saying

Alba Molina
EIT Food South

We selected Barbara from the EIT expert community, as it seemed to us a very interesting profile and a perfect fit with the theme of the event. A great professional career, with great knowledge that could be very interesting for the public.

The audience feedback is very good. The people were very happy and said that the way the talk was given was very enjoyable and dynamic. It was very interesting, and the way of expression made us pay attention to the whole talk.

We would definitely invite her to speak again.

Haleh Moravej
Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

On 14th of February 2018 Barbara gave a guest lecture to 47 first year Nutritional Sciences students as part of Nutrition in 21st Century Unit. The guest lecture was based on her Nuffield scholarship travelling to 7 countries in 6 weeks looking at sustainability, food chain, agriculture and food production. Feedback from students was extremely positive focusing on how Barbara had transformed a rather complicated concept such as sustainability into simple, clear and human centred logical and entertaining stories. Barbara is an exceptional professional, a very competent and confident presenter who is passionate and knowledgeable. I hope we can continue to work with Barbara in future to inspire and empower our Manchester Metropolitan University Nutritional Sciences students.

Will Surman
Director Public Affairs and Communications

With such vast experience in the agri-food sector Barbara has provided FoodDrinkEurope with well researched, strategic, balanced and practical guidance to help the food and drink processing industry move towards more sustainable food systems

Resources Hub

We have chosen a range of courses and webinars from selected providers. The courses are designed to equip people across the food and agriculture sector with the skills and knowledge to build a healthy and sustainable industry. There are blended learning programmes, web classes and workshops for technical and personal development. Easy access to food industry and employee training on nutrition plus a range of courses in technical and soft skills topics to suit all budgets.


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