Update of food safety systems

Perhaps you are in the food service sector and want to make sure that your procedures meet your customer standards. Are you concerned whether you will meet the new BRC v8 requirement? Have a fresh pair of eyes look at your systems and recommend options.

Internal and supply chain audits

Are you constantly verifying your systems to ensure they are still working or has lack of resource been a challenge. We can help by stepping in and carrying out audits as required and training staff to fulfil that role.

M&S Select Produce audits

Contact Alo Solutions for a quote for an M&S Select Produce audit in the UK or overseas.

HACCP and risk assessments of products and suppliers

Lack of resource to update and verify your HACCP? Get in contact and we can arrange a review and support your team to make changes. How familiar are you with your supply chain and the risks posed by your products?

My biggest fear before hiring someone was that we did not have the necessary expertise to prevent us falling behind with ever-evolving industry requirements. This fear disappeared upon engaging Barbara as a consultant. The most valuable thing about having her was the peace of mind, knowing that our technical department was being overseen and directed by someone with such a high level of expertise and attention to detail.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Barbara Bray as a technical consultant. The work she has done and continues to do for my company has been invaluable, thorough and of the highest quality.

Gareth Evison MD, Moon & Evison Limited