Food Consultancy

A wide range of experience covering supplier auditing, HACCP management, BRC and retailer audit preparation, quality management system development and specification writing.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance provided to cover management absence or to assist in busy periods such as during product launches

Experienced lead auditor and will carry out supplier auditing, internal factory auditing and systems auditing

Quality Management Systems
Review and update current systems to ensure compliance with legal and customer requirements, or development of new systems where necessary.

Technical development
Mentoring of staff who are new to technical management and want to build on their knowledge and develop their careers.

Nutritional Consultancy

Customer specifications
Knowledge of the retailer micros based systems  and can complete specifications or work in conjunction with specification writers. Up-to-date FIR knowledge and ingredient declaration writing.
Recipe improvement
Advice given on fat, salt, sugar reduction etc to keep recipes in line with Multiple Traffic Light targets and 5 a day messages.
Recipe analysis
Review of the ingredients list to provide a nutritional breakdown of the product for labelling purposes

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