Gut health and ageing

Season #1

Brief summary of episode: What does ‘’healthy ageing” really mean when we are all so different as individuals? The ageing process is influenced by so many factors, our physical environment, social environment, genetics and many more. As we age there can be changes to the way we absorb nutrients from food, our appetite can become disrupted, and our immune function altered. What about our gut microbiome? How does it change over time? What influences those changes and can we do something positive about it.? Our guest today, Rebecca Hirst Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for EY UK speaks about experience of changing her diet, the impact it had on her health, and her new passion for personalised nutrition and gut health. Our invited researcher is Emily Leeming RD and Head of Programmes at Zoe, a health science company that uses novel digital technologies to tackle health issues and runs the world's largest in-depth nutritional research program. Emily explains what the microbiome is and how it is impacted by diet and other factors and what we can do to maintain good health. NB: this information does not replace personalised advice from a Health Care Professional Bullet points of key topics Topic #1 What is the microbiome? Topic #2 What’s it’s connection with health and ageing? How does the microbiome change through our lifetime? Topic #3 Rebecca’s journey with acne and giving alcohol and caffeine – body changes after menopause ‘change and adapt message’. Exercise helps as well as diet changes Topic #4 What happens to the microbiome in later life? What can we do to support our microbiome? Notes: Emily mentioned a study conducted by Zoe where the researchers looked at metabolic markers in peri-menopausal and menopausal women. They did notice differences in the gut of menopausal women. Rebecca mentioned the book that she read ‘I quit sugar’ by Sarah Wilson Further Resources: List of resources, suggested materials, affiliate links, and social media:  Zoe Health website: Rebecca’s TEDx talk:


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