Season #1

Women Positively Ageing was born from my conversations with my peers about how we could age better. In this trailer, I tell the story of realising that ageing isn't just about physical health issues and why I want to help people live well for longer.


In the UK, the number of years that we spend in good health, our healthspan, is on average 10 years shorter than our lifespan!

What if we could reduce the number of years we spend in poor health? That would be something to celebrate as we age. The good news is that we can do something about how we age and over a series of weeks I'll be talking about how women can protect their health as they age.

Have a listen to the trailer and do join me to hear from my guests on the show.......



When was the first time you felt old?

Why I started this podcast?

What you'll be listening to in future episodes?



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