Have you seen the M&S 2016 Christmas advert? It features the fabulous Janet Macteer as the cool, calm and collected Mrs Claus in her quest to bring happiness to a pair of siblings on Christmas Day.

I loved the advert as it reminded me of that familiar sibling ‘love-hate’ relationship, but when you look beyond that, you see that Mrs Claus has a set of skills and mode of operation that should be used to deliver a good supplier-client relationship.

She completely understands her ‘clients’ needs. The little boy clearly loves his sister and wants to give her a gift that she will make her Christmas.

The young boy completely puts his trust in her when he could have asked his parents to buy his sister a present, however, he went outside the family to give an important task to a specialist.

Mrs Claus works fast so that she can deliver to the crucial Christmas day timeline (and before Santa Claus gets home).

She understands the art of discretion, entering the house to deposit the gift when no-one can see her.

The gift that she selects is perfect for the little girl, who then spends the rest of Christmas Day having fun with her younger brother.

She operates ‘under the radar’ with minimum fuss to get the job done and receives enormous pleasure when her client is happy wither work.

There are other aspects of Mrs Claus’s life that I would love to model but her brand of polished elegance in her red dresses and red lipstick are not particularly suited to my line of work. Her walk in wardrobe is second to none, and she flies her own helicopter whereas I join the orderly queue through airport security when I need to travel.

I truly admire her client focussed approach, calm manner and ability to deliver a fabulous ‘product’.

Like Mrs Claus, I love what I do, identifying clients’ needs and providing timely solutions to their challenges that make them happy with the outcome. She has the advantage that she does not charge for her services, I offer a free first consultation online or in person and have a range of prices for short-term interim to long term consultancy work.


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