Food and Nutrition Strategy


Food strategy is incredibly important – and not that easy. From growing your produce to thinking about sustainability and nutrition, Barbara’s experience in food strategy can help.

SCOUT for solutions

SCOUT is a tool designed to help the food and drink sector use collaborative problem solving for their food and nutrition projects. SCOUT has been developed by Dr Margaret Ashwell and Barbara Bray and is a rapid problem solving technique taking place through 2 short online meetings with a multi-disciplinary team of consultants.

See the short video for an explanation of the process.


Healthy and sustainable food

Producing food is not just about quantity – it’s also about nutritional quality. Feeding the world should never compromise on value or integrity, so we can help you discuss products that are profitable, nutritionally rich and beneficial for the future of this planet.

Sustainable nutrition

At Alo Solutions, we know that public health nutrition is great for understanding what we should eat, but how about what we should grow? There is a lot of conflicting advice, so we’ll aim to debunk any myths you may have come across and discuss your options in detail.

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