What youth can teach us about positive ageing

When I was a young woman I had an accident that aged my body ahead of my biological years. I accepted, like many others that disability and disease is a consequence of ageing. It was at the beginning of my doctoral research into a healthy ageing diet that I realised that we have the ability to influence the ageing process, but in order to live well for longer we need to make positive changes before we get old. It’s easy to be complacent and even unconsciously incompetent about ageing, but in the words of Betty Frieden “Ageing is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”

In my TEDx talk at Queen's University Belfast in June 2022. I invited the audience to join me on a journey of positive ageing.  

I am keen to work with business who are innovating and developing products and services for older adults. Take a look at my services on healthy ageing nutrition and get in touch to discuss your project.


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