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Building healthy ageing through nutrition in the workplace


People may be living longer but the number of people spending their later years in poor health is increasing. The right nutrition can help to reduce the likelihood of ill health affecting us as we age.

Mid-life is a great time to implement diet and lifestyle changes as your forties are generally the period where improvements can make an impact on your future health. Strengthening your health, and the health of your colleagues could be one of the best investments your business will ever make. Take a look at the following workshops that can support you and your team.

 Our workshops are delivered virtually and we are happy to work with your employees across the globe. We use MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet or Go-To-Meeting

We would love to help your business identify  services with healthy ageing nutrition in mind. 

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Brain Health

Length of session: 60 minutes

Loosing concentration at work? Forgetfulness? Feeling less sharp?

Living a healthy lifestyle can help you to keep your brain healthy, both now and in the future

In this one hour session we talk about some of issues of brain health as we get to mid-life and learn the tools we can use to maintain brain health and resilience.


Women Positively Ageing

Length of session: 60 minutes

This webinar delves into the key watch-outs as we hit mid-life. We discuss eating for heart health, Type 2 diabetes and menopause.

Find out what to look out for and when to act.



 Length of session: 60 minutes

As we age our bodies start to lose muscle mass and strength. Learn about the techniques and dietary changes that you can make to protect your health and live well for longer. The sooner you start the better!


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