Healthy By Design


The population demographic is ever-changing; with the percentage of older adults increasing, household dynamics changing and our approach to eating becoming very different, these changes can impact your supply chain, processes and products. People may be living longer but the number of people spending their later years in poor health is increasing. The right nutrition can help to reduce the likelihood of ill health affecting us as we age.

Good product design and innovation can make a positive impact on the lives of many people in mid-life and older who need to be able to access healthy, sustainable and affordable food that is appropriate for their dietary needs.

We would love to help your business identify products and services with healthy ageing nutrition in mind. Read on to explore our areas of expertise.


We provide critical analysis, review and consultancy to understand

  • product gap analysis and
  • target market needs


Product Development

Is your product development team looking for new ways to approach designing foods for healthy ageing diets?

We help businesses design and develop targeted products that support adults as they age and focus on:

  • nutrition optimisation
  • formulation
  • sustainable ingredients

Work Wellbeing Programmes

We develop custom training and educational webinars on healthy ageing that focus on:

  • Brain health nutrition
  • Heart health and management
  • Women positively ageing


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